About the introduction of crystal crafts

  • Release time: 2023-06-21

 Crystal (Crystal) alias SPAR, Crystal stone, is a kind of colorless transparent quartz Crystal mineral. Crystallization of perfect crystal crystal hexagonal system, often show six prismatic, cylinder for a sharp or pointed at both ends and multiple links in a long cylinder, known as crystal, beautiful and magnificent. The formation of crystal must first have enough production space, is usually found in caves, rock cracks or joint fault; The second requires two to  three times that of atmospheric pressure and high temperature above 570 ℃; The third to have ample, rich in silicon dioxide can hydrothermal crystallization and document to rush season. A lot of countries have the crystals in the world, including Brazil's most famous crystal. DongHaiXian in lianyungang in China is known as \"the hometown of crystal\", mineral crystal area of 1280 square kilometers, reserves of about 5 million tons, the east China sea  crystal crystal reserves by 50% to 60% of total reserves, quality for the nation. Is known as \"the first town of China crystal of yangzhou baoying xian xinfeng, is developing rapidly in recent years, the local well-known enterprises: shun yuan crystal crafts such as your company annual sales of more than $3. Crystal can be divided into white crystal/purple/yellow/tea topaz crystal crystal/tea-coloured crystal/smoky quartz powder, he products  are mainly made of crystal act the role ofing is tasted.

In contemporary household life, bright is dazzing crystal crafts, with its unique fashion and elegant expression with special passion and artistic taste, such is love. Colorful, is glittering and translucent get rid of it is gorgeous. A delicate crystal craftworks which contains ideas and complex manual craft, by many of the people in love.

One, crystal handicraft is introduced

Crystal handicraft is made of crystal material decoration. Crystal handicraft jing jade-like stone fully,

Noble elegant, cold light, not only has practical value and decorative effect, but also can accumulate a great, so loved by people. Crystal crafts, with makings fastidious, craft fine, beautiful and elegant, with high appreciation value and collection value.

Second, the classification:

According to the material can be divided into natural crystal gifts with artificial crystal gifts, then the corresponding made careful, can be divided into the crystal. According to the production process Divided into the crystal white embryo gifts, crystal gifts gifts, crystal sculpture. Decoration according to the use Crystal office supplies, crystal pendant, crystal ornaments, crystal furnishing articles, crystal ashtray, crystal perfume bottles, crystal photo frame and so on. According to shape up Crystal music box, crystal zodiac series, crystal trophy, crystal trophy, crystal office furnishing articles, crystal pen container series, crystal tableware, crystal tea sets, crystal lamp, crystal lamp, crystal chandeliers, crystal vase series, crystal candle holder, crystal curtain series, crystal ashtray, crystal pillar, crystal ball, crystal iceberg series, crystal series image series, crystal plate series, crystal decoration. Because of the particularity of crystal, crystal historically has been the people make excellent material of various kinds of craft accessories. All kinds of crystal craft ornaments have known as crystal necklace, crystal bracelet, crystal pendant, crystal bracelet, crystal cell phone pendant, and so on.

Nowadays, people use advanced crystal craft made crystal image, crystal trophy, crystal inside carving, crystal trophy, crystal perfume bottles, and so on common craft.

(1), crystal imaging

Crystal image is actually choose pure crystal materials, using the modern digital technology and optical, chemical technology, in the lining of the crystal form vivid color images, after skilled technicians to crystal on the surface of the plastic grinding, polishing and many other process refined but become. It is a high and new technology and exquisite craft, fashion the perfect combination of unique charm and. Will be the most significant wedding dress like, personal photo made into bright is dazzing crystal souvenirs, letting the time flow, this is crystal caress memory always as fresh; Whats in your life, let him keep forever.

(2), crystal trophy

Crystal trophy is the symbol of a noble and pure, is often used to award issued by the government and enterprises. It crystal clear, sparkling, feel is exquisite, can also be lettering, pattern on it. With materials like snow and ice crystal clean. Use it to make the prize for best are better. Use occasions: advertising promotional, meeting celebration, office welfare, business pr, thank customers, holiday celebrations, housewarming, graduate education, four items, commemorative collection and so on.

(3) the crystal inside carving

Crystal inside carving is a laser machine will be inside a certain wavelength of laser into the crystal, the crystal in specific areas within the subtle form bubbles burst, so as to outline the preset in the shape of a crystal processing technology, also refers to the process of crystal crafts.

(4), crystal MEDALS

Crystal trophy, is the symbol of a noble and pure, and image, is often used to award issued by the government and enterprises. Applicable to the qualification, awards and important activities to commemorate. Production process is one of the following steps: cutting, pressing, coarse polishing, fine polishing, drilling, engraving, sandblasting, viscose, quality inspection, packaging.

(5), crystal perfume bottles

Crystal perfume bottles: English name Crystal scent - bottle. Main material: K9 artificial crystal. It is mainly used for cars and car, beautiful shape, surface transparent, let a person have a kind of relaxed feeling. Unusually rich the colour of perfume bottle, crystal and transparent glass perfume bottles are usually in the majority with light color, such as a pale lemon yellow, orange, shallow green, shallow blue, and so on, especially in the most light lemon yellow, that's because the colour and lustre of lemon yellow and most perfume is very match, and can give a person with pure and fresh and bright feeling.

Three, crystal crafts daily maintenance

1. The crystal brittle, pay attention to prevent stress, drop, high temperature, strong alkali, strong acid. Mobile crystal, it is best to wear soft cotton gloves, necessary to avoid the oil collection. Mention crystal items, don't catch a crystal is placed at the top or the extension part, should grasp the crystal base or the entire body. Found that there is some dirt on crystal collection, do not use the feather brush, but with soft but not containing wool cloth lightly dust removal, do not force wipe, lest torn crystal.

2. There are oily be soiled or fingerprints on the crystal, can use lukewarm soapy water wash, then rush clean with clear water. To avoid repeated washing in hot water or cleaning dhi. With cutting crystal furnishing articles, cutting part of the toothbrush gently cleaning are available, and if there is not easy to wash out the stain, can rub lemon slice some salt, gently scrub. Also can use a few drops of vinegar add salt to wipe. Such as crystal vase is put in storage, spread patch on the shelf in advance, and put the crystal vase in sealed glass or display box, thereby reducing the likelihood of crystal surface gathering dust, also can reduce manpower contact, avoid to cause damage.

3. Don't let the crystal handicraft too close, or run into one, the other will be dumped by domino effect. Ensure that ACTS the role of ark is stable and reliable, not easily swayed.

4. If you want to long time storage crystal handicraft, do not use foam tape or plastic bags. This kind of bags can increase the temperature, damage to the crystal. At the same time, don't keep the crystal in the attic or cellar, in order to avoid them in the bad environment.

Four, crystal handicraft identification method

Crystal crafts have artificial crystal with natural crystal 2 kinds, here is the identification methods:

(see: natural crystal in the process of formation, is often affected by the environment there will always be some impurities, observation of the sun, you can see the light evenly tiny horizontal stripes or catkin substance. And false crystal with defective crystal, glass melting slag, after polishing processing, coloring imitation, no catkin stripes, material.

(2) the tongue lick: even in the hot summer dog days, natural crystal surface with his tongue, cold, cool feeling, too. Fake crystal,, no cool feeling.

(3) lighting: natural crystal stand in the sun, no matter from which point of view, it can let out a beautiful light. Fake crystal cannot do.

(4) hardness: natural crystal hardness, gently with gravel on the accessories, don't leave a trace; If have stripes, is artificial crystal.

(5) with a polariscope check: turn 360 degrees under polarizer siming four dark change is natural crystal, no change is artificial crystal.

Those with two color check: natural amethyst dichroism, fake crystal no dichroism.

7) with a magnifying glass check: with ten times the magnifying glass check in transmitted light, can find basically can be classified as false crystal of bubbles.

End up with hair check: crystal on a human hair, double the eye through the crystal can see a human hair, natural crystal, mainly because of crystal birefringence.

Pet-name ruby with thermal conductivity meter detection: thermal conductivity meter to adjust to the green 4 g test gem, natural crystal can rise to yellow 2, whereas false crystal does not rise, when the area is large to rise to the yellow one.

Five, the gifts will see the meaning of the crystal

The significance of different crystal represents:

Colorless crystals: pure and selfless. Can improve one's aura, remove the distractions.

Purple crystal: on behalf of a romantic, marriage. Noble color.

Yellow crystal: on behalf of wealth and good fortune.

Dark brown crystal: on behalf of the steady, aetna.

Green crystal: on behalf of justice and development.

Green ghost crystal: on behalf of the rich, career xing.

On behalf of purity, white ghost crystal for spirituality.

Red ghost crystal: on behalf of the enterprise developed, finances.

From gold and development: beauty, majesty.

Red hair crystal: enthusiastic, lively.

Huang Fajing: prosperous, thriving.

Black hair crystal: partial goods and things.

Green development: happiness, good luck.

Silver hair crystal: material flourish, to ward off bad luck.

Crystal pyramid: gather energy, hasten lucky avoids disaster.

Water bile crystal: magic, magic.

Crystal: natural microcosm, the window of the communication between human and nature.

Crystal handicraft factory is introduced

Pujiang dazzle jade-like stone crystal handicraft factory, is located in the country's largest crystal glass processing and distribution center, has the reputation of zhejiang pujiang crystal. Plant predecessor is one of the traditional manual mill, from entering the crystal handicraft industry, the founder and his team, it is very particular about the quality of the products and research and development. The manual workshop to pujiang dazzle jade-like stone crystal handicraft factory. Now dazzle jade-like stone is a collection development design, manufacturing, sales as one of professional manufacturers, crystal size expanded to more than 100 employees, specialized industry 2 product development designer. Factory has a production line saws, flat grinding, facet by hand, digging a hole, inside carving, color plating, playing concave, such as a full set of equipment, the monthly output from the thousands of factories, up to now tens of thousands of.

Dazzle jade-like stone people in a growing at the same time, always not forget at the beginning of the creation idea, from the material strictly, to the production of products, to product packaging and shipment, always take customer satisfaction as the fundamental. Today's dazzle jade-like stone, in ensuring the quality of products at the same time, according to the international market demand, timely launch of new products, to meet the needs of customers. Dazzle jade-like stone series, crystal handicraft in place with the leading position among domestic peers, products are exported to at home and abroad. Dazzle jade-like stone human spirit also by the vast number of customers at home and abroad.