• How to make beautiful crystal products

    Crystal products are a kind of exquisite crafts, it has good transparency and bright color characteristics, widely used in jewelry, decoration and other fields. The production of beautiful crystal products requires a number of steps, including mining, pro
  • How to preserve crystal crafts

    Crystal crafts, because of their unique beauty and elegant temperament, has always been one of the favorite decorations. However, due to the special properties of crystal, it is also a material that is prone to deterioration and requires special preservation methods to maintain its original state.
  • What kinds of crystals are divided into?

    Crystal is a common and valuable mineral composed of silicon oxide. The process of its formation in nature is very complex, requiring long periods of high temperature and pressure to form a perfect crystal structure. For this reason, crystals are widely used in jewelry, art and decoration.
  • About the introduction of crystal crafts

     Crystal (Crystal) alias SPAR, Crystal stone, is a kind of colorless transparent quartz Crystal mineral. Crystallization of perfect crystal crystal hexagonal system, often show six prismatic, cylinder for a sharp or pointed at both ends and mult