How to preserve crystal crafts

  • Release time: 2023-06-21

Crystal crafts, because of their unique beauty and elegant temperament, has always been one of the favorite decorations. However, due to the special properties of crystal, it is also a material that is prone to deterioration and requires special preservation methods to maintain its original state.

There are many reasons for crystal deterioration, including ultraviolet rays from sunlight, changes in temperature, fluctuations in humidity, and the attachment of materials such as dust. These factors will lead to the crystal surface yellow, dark, and even defects and damage, thus affecting its beauty and value.

In the maintenance of crystal crafts, the early maintenance is particularly important. First of all, when crystal crafts are displayed indoors, direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible, otherwise ultraviolet light will discolor the crystal. Secondly, pay attention to maintaining a constant indoor temperature and humidity to avoid damage to the crystal caused by fluctuations in temperature and humidity. In addition, regular cleaning of crystal crafts is also essential, you can use a soft clean cloth gently wipe.

For long-term preservation of crystal crafts, we also need to take more detailed maintenance measures. First of all, crystal products should be stored in a dry, light and ventilated place to prevent moisture and sunlight. Secondly, some desiccant, hygroscopic agent or dehumidifier can be placed in the storage place to maintain the appropriate humidity. In addition, if the crystal crafts have a separate protective box, it is best to keep it in the box to avoid being affected by the external environment.

According to the characteristics of the crystal, we can further analyze the preservation method. First of all, the crystal is sensitive to temperature, and sharp changes in temperature should be avoided, so as not to cause damage. Secondly, crystal is very easy to absorb moisture in the air, so it is very important to maintain the appropriate humidity when preserving crystal crafts. Finally, the crystal should be avoided from contact with hard objects to prevent scratching or friction resulting in damage.

To sum up, to properly preserve crystal crafts, we need to pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, maintain appropriate temperature and humidity, clean regularly and take appropriate measures to protect. Only in this way can we make crystal crafts maintain their unique brilliance and beauty for a long time.