Various crystal characteristics

  • Release time: 2023-07-12

1. Lemon yellow crystal, topaz hot faded to become part of the sphere, with a clear band of smoked quartz; Ephemeral as natural topaz. Cha Cha yellow may be lemon crystal, the price is not expensive, and the particles are also large, unlike natural topaz, the crystal is small.

2. Yellow crystals, with red, caramel, high color and amethyst, sometimes with amethyst's unique arrowhead-shaped ribbon marks; It's said to be a natural yellow topaz from Brazil. Natural yellow water color is generally very light, if good, the price is relatively high.

3. The ingredients are artificial white crystal, amethyst, topaz, said to be natural crystals, no impurities, strong temperature sense; And many of the long chains are natural and ingredients mixed together, making it a rare product to sell.

4. Zircon, said to be a natural crystal. The proportion of zircons is large. It feels heavy. It is usually composed of rare natural specimens. Almost no circulation.

5, color for green gold, lapis lazuli, additives. The macula is covered with pyrite (because pyrite is simply oxidized by water, black and beautiful, we do not like a move, so the manufacturer in order to meet our preference for lapis blue taste, there is a color, without impurities). The carvings are made of a lot of green gold. Weigh the lighter.

6. The color is quiet, especially the colorful rutile that may be too bright red. Artificial hair has also appeared, but the hair is natural and not shiny.

7. Colored tourmaline, at that time found on the roads of the city there are many, the price is very low, the price is 20-50 yuan a gram in the area, if purchased to the color and very thorough, but no glazed tourmaline, as a rare note. Tourmaline should be darkened after high temperature Muffle furnace, so that its color is lighter, transparency and clarity are better, and the jewelry test has not been detected. Which was first used in Xinjiang people, but has long been abroad, there is no technical difficulty, first control the temperature and time, but experienced people can see it at high temperature data fade, simple slag, due to changes in the physical structure, beads do color changes no longer shiny, the longer the wear time more obvious. See the related article: Secrets You Know for more details

8. Faded blue topaz is the topaz that has faded when it encounters high temperature. Yellow to blue. But this kind of optimization is usually allowed by the jewelry industry. Tourmaline does not allow heat treatment.

9. Color topaz, white crystal by radiation treatment into tea crystal. The foundation of Donghai Tea Crystal is radiation therapy.

10. Yellow crystal ball, transparent or translucent yellow calcite pretend, referred to as yellow jingjing. Do not think that transparent crystal yellow is topaz. This is a businessman as opinionated as we are. Some merchants also refer to yellow calcite or orange calcite as topaz. Is wrong.

11. Ice crystal, we blindly pursue the soft texture and clarity of ice powder, resulting in the processor to change the color of ice crystal, so that the appearance of ice powder color changed. Ice powder on city roads is discolored if there is no natural ice crack. Almost all colors.

12. Melt the crystal, melt the red crystal ball (ball). White crystal tableware. Of course, the material before melting is natural, but it cannot be said that the most natural crystal, such as quartz (opaque), let alone melted back.

13. Blue jade (jade), please do not think that jade is valuable, the Chinese love and prejudice of jade as deep. The stone is green quartz. It's worth more than white crystal.

14. This Malay jade, green and popular, was a quartzite stained with a fake jade. Green rich color, fine texture, good transparency, is a high-grade jade. Good dyeing technology is the use of chromium-free organic dyes, which can be identified by looking at the mirror. But for experienced people, in-depth examination can reveal the particle structure at the edge of the image and the characteristics of the distribution of green dye particles. The green years after Ma Yu, will not be so beautiful. Some people also believe that Ma Yu quasi jade, it is formed by the name of commodity disorder.

15. Artificial turquoise, turquoise, and white turquoise (colored stone). There are more fakes in the market. Many people think turquoise comes from Tibet. The more absurd.